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Fast, easy dialog editing and code generation with Anthemionís Dialog Editor for wxWidgets...

Integrate wxWidgets into Microsoft Visual Studio

wxVisualSetup is a collection of enhancements for Microsoft Visual Studio which makes programming with wxWidgets fun and productive.

Note: the demo shows wxVisualSetup 2003 and wxWidgets 2.5.x


  • Speeds up programming
  • Makes looking up documentation easy
  • Reduces spelling errors
  • No more fiddling with settings
  • Supports wxWidgets 2.4 and 2.6
  • wxWidgets 2.8 is supported by wxVisualSetup Version 2, which will be released shortly. Existing customers can download the Release Candidate.


wxVisualSetup is the kind of tool you will get so used to, you wonít notice it anymore until its gone.


I'm just trying out wxVisualSetup, and its really great. Having relevant help appear
as you type code is so handy. The integration [...] is very smooth.
Julian Smart, Anthemion Software

Create a new wxWidgets project with a few mouseclicks. The wizard creates an application with a framewindow, a dialog box and the command line parser.
The wizard sets up all the correct library settings, resource files, XP manifest, precompiled headers, debug memory management. It detects the wxWidgets version you are using and chooses the appropriate libraries automatically

Reduce typing and eliminate spelling errors with automatic code completion. A modification to your wxWidgets installation to make Intellisense work again for most of wxWidgets identifiers.
Note: this is only necessary for Visual Studio 2002 and 2003.

seamlessly integrates wxWidgets documentation into the Visual Studio help system. Allows F1 and Dynamic Help.

implements most of the tips & tricks on this website.

wxVisualSetup 2002
for Visual Studio .NET
Standard, Pro, Enterprise


wxVisualSetup 2003
for Visual Studio 2003
Standard, Pro, Enterprise


wxVisualSetup 2005
for Visual Studio 2005
Express, Standard, Pro etc...

US, Canada and internationally: $ 39.95 / € 34.44
European Union: € 40.98 (includes 19% VAT).

Click here to upgrade wxVisualSetup 2005 for $ 14.95 / € 12.89.

Immediately after your purchase of wxVisualSetup, you will receive an email with

  • a serial number
  • a link to an electronic download of approximately 3.4 MB in size.

Microsoft Visual Studio is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
wxWidgets is a trademark of wxWidgets community
wxVisualSetup is a trademark of Lit Window Productions

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