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Lit Window Library Documentation

Version 0.3

Welcome to the "Lit Window Library" documentation pages. Please select a topic from the "Quick overview" below or browse the index.

Quick overview

Quick introduction

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Got questions?
Read the FAQ.
Want to try it out?
Goto Sourceforge http://sourceforge.org/projects/litwindow and download the windows installer.
Want to be notified when new releases come out?
Use the Sourceforge http://sourceforge.org/projects/litwindow tracking mechanism or subscribe to litwindow-announce at http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/litwindow-announce
Want to contribute?
Use Sourceforge http://sourceforge.org/projects/litwindow to participate. Developers with linux knowledge needed to help with porting!
Want to support development?
Use the donation system at http://sourceforge.org/projects/litwindow to donate money, buy products from http://www.litwindow.com or hire me (Hajo Kirchhoff) as a consultant.


Copyright 2004, Hajo Kirchhoff, Lit Window Productions, http://www.litwindow.com
Please send comments and suggestions to "library (at) litwindow.com" or use the appropriate SourceForge forums and mailing lists (see above).


This library and the documentation are still under heavy construction. If you want a quick overview, read the FAQ and the Tutorial: Writing an RSS Reader... first.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you get compiler or linker errors, read the section about Compiler messages before asking for help. The Lit Window Library stretches the capabilities of compilers such as Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0 and sometimes requires special settings to work.

Copyright 2004, Hajo Kirchhoff, Lit Window Productions