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6-March-2008: wxVisualSetup2 Release Candidate


The Lit Window Productions website was created in summer 2003 to promote software and tools written by Hajo Kirchhoff, IT-Consultant, 91052 Erlangen, Germany. It also provides articles and tips for software developers. hosts my weblog, where I discuss the latest development of the lit window library as well as general development topics.


wxVisualSetup is a tool that integrates the Open Source Crossplatform Library wxWidgets into the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET product line.

BugLister is a bug tracking solution that is simple to install, easy to use and runs fast, even on older systems.


These pages contains a collection of tips and tricks for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio and also contain several wxWidgets related topics.

The How To pages contain solutions to various software related problems.


  • BugLister 1.8 is available from the download page.
  • Release Candidate for wxVisualSetup 2 is available for existing customers.
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