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BugLister license FAQ

This page explains the licensing scheme used by BugLister.

Q. How many licenses do I need?

You need one license for every user that will be running the program. You will receive one “key” for every license you order.

Q. What is a license “key”? What does it do?

A license key is a short piece of text, like “BL99-1234-5678-ABCD”. You add keys to a database with the license setup dialog. Every key unlocks one account.

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Q. Can I buy more license keys later and add them?

Yes. When you need more licenses you can buy additional keys, add them to the existing keys and have new users work with the database immediately.

Q. Some people in our team use the bug tracking tool very rarely. Can they share a license?

No, not at the moment. BugLister Version 1 does not support so called “floating licenses”. Every user that wants to log in to the database must have a unique key assigned to his or her BugLister login. BugLister Version 2 will probably have this option.

Q. Can I reuse license keys when a user leaves the team and stops working with BugLister?

Yes. You can transfer licenses to a different user when a user leaves your team. You can do this yourself with the program interface.

Q. Are license keys “registered” to a user?

No. You will receive one “key” for every license you buy, but the key is anonymous. You assign the user that will be using the key.

Q. Do I have to buy a license for every computer?

No. You need one license per user, not per computer.

Q. Can users run the program on different computers?

Yes. A user with a valid license key can use the BugLister database from any computer that meets the system requirements. Since license keys are stored in the database, the user does not have to reenter the key when he runs the program from a different computer.

Q. How does the license scheme work?

BugLister requires a licence for every user. The licence keys are stored in the database. Once they have been entered, a user can access the database from any computer on the network - without having to install BugLister or entering the key again..

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