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Small, fast and simple bug tracking tool
for MS-Windows. From Lit Window Productions.


Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about BugLister.


Q. What database are you using to store the defects?

The database format is Access 2000 compatible.
BugLister uses Microsofts MS-Jet DB 4.0 engine, which creates databases in MS-Access 2000 format. You can open the BugLister database directly with all products that are able to handle MS-Access 2000 or MS-Jet 4.0 respectively.

Q. What steps does BugLister take to improve performance and reliability?

BugLister automatically closes the database connection if the program has been idle for a while. It will reopen the connection automatically when the user starts using the program again. This procedure is completely transparent to the user. Reducing the time the database connection is actually open greatly improves performance and reliability. Even with 40 people running BugLister concurrently, only the number of users actually saving data or refreshing the list of defects at the same time will have a database connection open. At all other times the database file will be closed

Q. How much disk space I would need for storing for example 700 bugs?

A database with 670 defects takes up approx 800kb space on the harddrive.
The size depends on the operating system you are using or more specifically on the version of the MS-Jet components. Older versions waste more disk space and you will have to compress the database more frequently. Microsoft has several service packs available, which you can install to improve performance.

Q. Can I configure the database and add other fields than the default ones?

Not at present. This feature is planned for BugLister 2.
You can order a customized version of BugLister 1 containing additional fields. Please contact Lit Window Support if you are interested in this.

Multiuser - Team

Q. How can other users connect to the BugLister through the local network?

BugLister uses file sharing and does not require a server. The database file resides on a shared network drive, which must be accessible to all users.

Q. Do you have a limit for the number of users that can login to the system?

The limit depends on the network infrastructure and usage patterns. On a standard 100 MBit Network with a dedicated Windows File Server BugLister can easily handle 30 to 40 active users and many more passive users.

Q. How much work is neccessary to install BugLister for a team?

One of BugListers strengths is its installation.
If you copy the program to a network folder, other users can simply click on BugLister.exe and run it immediately. It does not have to be installed on every computer. If you only have one database file, you can name it 'default.defl' and BugLister will open it automatically when a user starts the program. "Installing" can then be done by simply adding a shortcut from the BugLister.exe to the desktop.
You can either map a drive letter, for example map T: to \\morannon\transfer\bugs or you can use \\morannon\transfer\bugs directly.

Q. Can BugLister be integrated with a Version Control System such as VSS or CVS?

Not at present. This is planned for future versions.

License - Price

Q. How much does it cost? Does the price change according to the number of users?

Please refer to the order page for details. A volume discount is available.

Please read the ‘License FAQ’ for more answers regarding licensing.

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