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Howto: Using DSL provider “1&1” (1 and 1) with Linux Fedora Core 1

Fedora (and Red Hat) has a graphical user interface called internet-druid to set up and configure your DSL modem connection. But I could not get it to work with the (german) internet provider 1&1.

Fedora uses a DSL method called ‘Roaring Penguin’. The roaring penguin website contains detailed instructions on how to set up your DSL connection method. Especially interesting is the fine print under ‘Problems and Support’. It says “Specifically, Red Hat distributes a particularly butchered version of rp-pppoe which is very difficult to use without graphical tools.”

In my case it wasn’t just difficult to use, it just didn’t work. It would establish a connection immediately after I ran the internet-druid, but after that I’d always be disconnected by 1&1, even before the authentication was finished.

Bottom line: Don’t use internet-druid to configure DSL for 1&1.

Setting it up

  • Run ‘adsl-setup’ and answer all the questions.
  • When asked for your login, enter
    where 1234-56 is your 1&1 online account number. Don’t forget to append ‘’!
  • When asked for the DNS server (domain name server), enter
  • When asked for your Ethernet connection, enter eth0 if your DSL Modem is connected to the first ethernet card.
  • Make sure you do not have a default route configured for your ethernet card.
  • Make sure you do not have a name server configured for your ethernet card - unless your name server is actually working and connected to the internet. But if it was, why would you want to set up the DSL connection.

Establishing a connection

  • To connect to the internet, type
    /sbin/ifup ppp0
  • To terminate the connection, type
    /sbin/ifdown ppp0
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